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Name: MR X0X0

08 February 2003

Country: Indonesian


Tested By MR-X0X0

root@Acces~Danied: Hello Admin
root@Acces~Danied: Your System is Down
root@Acces~Danied: Please Patch Your System
root@Acces~Danied: I Will Come Back Soon ^_^
root@Acces~Danied: MR X0X0 Was Here !!!
root@Acces~Danied: If You Can't Fix This Error
root@Acces~Danied: Please Contact Me With Email in The Biodata

Greetz :
~ MR-X0X0 ~ 4bito ~ ./Acal./ ~ ./All3n./ ~ NEA4o4S ~ /Putri404 ~ Octo Alexandro ~ Mr-Roz3R ~ Xx_AnonTEMON_xX ~

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